Monday, January 2, 2012

How To: Organize Your Makeup Drawer

I have a bad habit of keeping EVERY makeup product I've ever been given. When I say EVERY, I have found half used lip gloss from the drug store that cost maybe  $5 at the bottom of my old makeup bag. Yes, I have several makeup bags, ranked in order of current usage to how old/expensive it is. I think it has more to do with being frugal and less to do with wanting to accumulate makeup. Every time I go through my makeup to throw away old products, I always think maybe one day I will need that tube of fire engine red lipstick that someone gave me as a joke in college. I've gotten better ever since Pink Papaya, mainly because I have been trying to replace my makeup with all PP products. So, it has forced me to get a little more organized. One awesome item I found to help me is this handy clear organizer from Target for $8.99. Here is my in-rotation-now makeup in my organizer (above right). Target also has a more expensive version for $41.99.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Little Goes A Long Way

I've been experimenting a lot more with different color ever since I started Pink Papaya. I never was one to own a ton of makeup products or wear a lot of makeup, but I've been trying all of the products we offer. One thing I'm learning is a little goes a long way! One product I discovered and now love is correcting powder. It is a great finishing powder to use by itself or over foundation or over your face once you have finished applying makeup. It can be used throughout the day, and basically, it corrects imperfections. The best thing about PP's finishing powder is that it has white sapphire complex in it, which brightens your complexion. It is one of those products that at one time I would have walked by without a second glance in the makeup aisle and now I use it everyday. That's the end of my plug for the product, but the point of this particular post is using too much product. The other day I used a kabuki brush instead of a powder brush to apply my finishing powder and to make a long story short, applied way too much. Partly due to using the wrong brush (I wanted to see the difference between the brushes) and partly due to putting too much on the brush. You wouldn't think putting too much of a powder that really doesn't have a color would matter, but it looked ridiculous. I spent forever trying to wipe it off without completely redoing my makeup. This has been an ongoing lesson for me in my beauty consulting endeavor is that less really is more.

New Year's Resolutions

My blogging new year's resolutions are the following:

  1. Blog several times a week.
  2. Write more about the awesome ingredients in Pink Papaya products.
  3. Discuss the importance of quality of what you put on your skin/face/body.
  4. More photos!
  5. Learn some new makeup techniques
I hope you had a happy new year and are facing 2012 with renewed hope for whatever your personal goals are. 

January Specials

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