Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hello, Stranger

The one thing about blogging, especially as a beginner blogger, is that you never know if anyone is actually reading or not. Regardless, I'm sorry for neglecting you all, dear readers. I've been away for the Christmas.
I did manage to spread the Pink Papaya love from afar by gifting some of my favorite products to friends and family. Hopefully they get some pampering enjoyment. Whenever I give gifts, I try to give the ones that smell the best. There's something about some of our scents that just make me happy. One of my favorite gifts to give this holiday season was our Winter's Nap. It's a mini version of the hand scrub and shea butter and comes with gloves to hold in the moisture of the cream over night. I like to give gifts that you wouldn't purchase yourself but love to use. And on top of that, the smell of the scrub and shea butter is fantastic.

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