Monday, January 2, 2012

How To: Organize Your Makeup Drawer

I have a bad habit of keeping EVERY makeup product I've ever been given. When I say EVERY, I have found half used lip gloss from the drug store that cost maybe  $5 at the bottom of my old makeup bag. Yes, I have several makeup bags, ranked in order of current usage to how old/expensive it is. I think it has more to do with being frugal and less to do with wanting to accumulate makeup. Every time I go through my makeup to throw away old products, I always think maybe one day I will need that tube of fire engine red lipstick that someone gave me as a joke in college. I've gotten better ever since Pink Papaya, mainly because I have been trying to replace my makeup with all PP products. So, it has forced me to get a little more organized. One awesome item I found to help me is this handy clear organizer from Target for $8.99. Here is my in-rotation-now makeup in my organizer (above right). Target also has a more expensive version for $41.99.


  1. Great advice! Happy 2012.

  2. Thanks! I've been enjoying your blog by the way.