Thursday, December 29, 2011

In Other News

In the spirit of vacation, I embarked on some new hobbies that I hope to carry into the new year that are not Pink Papaya related. The first is one that I am still nervous I won't finish, and that is knitting. I began a scarf for my sister that was meant as a Christmas gift and now is intended to be a "gift when I finish." I am NOT very far. I did invest in some good quality yarn from Sophie's Fine Yarn Shoppe. Being in the store made me want to take on bigger and better projects, but first I need to successfully finish the one I've started. The second project is photography. I got a new camera for Christmas and LOVE it. I've been having fun playing with it and want to do some actual photography in the new year. I might take a class or try to volunteer my services in exchange for gathering experience.

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